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Portrait photography has one focus: to capture people and their being. However, this photography style goes beyond a smiling person’s photo. It’s photography that allows an artistic representation through the use of light, backdrops, setting, poses, and others. Therefore, being aware of different types of portrait photography can help you compose your own portraiture style. Here, we’ll we’re going to guide you through various types of portrait photography.

Traditional portraits

The traditional portrait is about shooting the subject’s expression and emotion. It’s shot in the studio with a formal photography background. This classic style involves the subject looking at the camera and is often captured in a simple studio setting. These portraits don’t show the subject’s whole body. Instead, it’s cropped to show the head and shoulders rather than the entire body. 

Candid portraits

The subject appears unaware in candid portrait photography. This is because candid photographs do not involve any posing and direction on the part of the photographer. As a result, it can give powerful insight into a subject’s emotions.

Lifestyle portraits

A lifestyle portrait captures people going about their daily lives. To do this, you’ll have to be a director and photographer and schedule more than one session. This style of photography is often used in promotions by brands that want to motivate their clients to live the portrayed lifestyle. 

Glamour portraits

Glamour portraits are also referred to as beautiful portraits. These portraits often involve the use of stylists and make-up artists as well as a planned wardrobe. It’s usually designed to be seductive and to highlight the person rather than their environment or clothes.

Conceptual portraits

Conceptual portraits are often used in advertisements to capture the idea behind the product. However, to achieve the desired results, the photographer often uses props, settings, and photo editing to create a surreal outcome. With this style, the possibilities are endless.

 Close up portraits

Close up portrait photography involves close up shots of a subject, usually the eye. While you will be very close to the subject, it helps to speak to them about the type of things they love to do. This will help relax them and results in great facial expressions. You want to hide flaws and highlight your model’s best facial features for this portraiture.

Family and group portraits

While the portrait might suggest only one person at the center of the image, it’s certainly not the case. Portrait photography can cover couples, families, and other groups that come together. However, it’s a bit harder when a portrait is more than one person because you have to get more people to interact and pose together. The lovely thing about these portraits is that you can often capture real interaction between the subjects; this makes stunning images. 

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