Photo Mosaic Wall

Create an amazing photo mosaic wall at a live event.  By taking photos using one of our branded on-site photo booths, on site photographer’s camera, branded mobile app or directly from your company social media feed we can build fully branded user generated mosaic walls,

Watch the mosaic wall built live during the event. With our all-new digital mosaic this can now be shared via social media or displayed on screens around the event. This helps create the social media buzz for your event or brand. The mosaic wall can be sized to suit your event from a small 300 tiled mosaic to huge 5000 tile mosaics. This interactive experience is perfect for any type of event including internal conferences, sporting events and trade show exhibitions.

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How we create the mosaic

We have several ways to capture photos for the mosaic wall. Depending on the type of event and potential footfall we can recommend the best way to take these photos. Our most popular way to take the photo is using one of our photo booths or a roaming photographer but you can see the other options below.

Once we have captured the photo our mosaic software will use its smart crop feature and analyse each pixel in that image to calculate the best position on a grid. This is carried out in seconds and the photo will be issued a grid position number. This photo will then be printed within 8 seconds with grid position at the bottom of the sticker. Our brand ambassador will help the guest find the position on the pre-printed mosaic grid for a truly interactive experience.

These photos become a tile on the photo mosaic grid. You will see both the physical mosaic wall built during the live event and the virtual wall. The digital version of the wall has a unique URL that can be embedded into your website and shared via social media to maximise your brand awareness.


Creating the perfect photo mosaic

capture photos

1. Capture photos

photo mosaic software

2. Our software finds the best position for your photo

print mosaic

3. Prints the sticker with a grid reference

mosaic live event

4. Watch the mosaic build during your event

Our mosaic wall can cater for any type of event from a small 400 tiled mosaic that is perfect for a small internal activation to a large 5,000 tiled mosaic for a sporting event.

How to capture the perfect photo

In order to start the mosaic generation process we need to either capture photos during the event or we can gather existing photos taken pre-event. We have a few options on offer when it comes to capturing the photos for the mosaic wall during the event, a bespoke branded photo booth with a DSLR camera inside for some amazing high quality photos, a standard on-site photo booth or selfie mirrors, an event photographer with an on-site photographer’s camera or a roaming photographer which can be connected up to our printers in order to attain the photo needed to add to the mosaic wall

We also have a few options when it comes to existing photos taken pre-event. A virtual photobooth which guests/user can go onto via their mobile phone and take a selfie before the event even starts which can then be loaded up into the mosaic software, pre load the software with guests/users own photos which they have in their phone gallery or via an Instagram event hashtag. When users upload a photo, with the required social media hashtag, their photo is fetched automatically using a unique company’s Instagram account. All you need to do is create a simple, fun hashtag and share it during your event

The set up

Branded Photobooth

Boothco specialises in providing high quality branded photo booths for any type of event. We collaborate with many of the top brands to create the best photo booth experience for your event.

We understand that your brand needs to stand out from the rest of the competition. Our branded photo booths are the perfect way for all your guests to engage with your brand. Producing high-quality photos, GIF’s or Video that people love and want to share on social media

From custom-created pizza style booths to high-end sleek selfie pods for product launches, we offer everything. People love having fun while using the photo booth and social sharing options make it the perfect way to engage with your potential customers or guests.

Our printed photos can be fully branded and custom-designed based on the style of your brand, photo booth choice and marketing aim. We offer everything from strip prints to custom sticker printing.

Our photo booth hire experience includes branded photos, green screen, custom backdrops, branded photos and instant prints.

branded photobooth

Final Mosaic

Once all the mosaic tiles are filled up from either the attendant or the guests adding their personal photo onto the mosaic wall it will then create an overall big picture. The final mosaic will have a bespoke design which can be anything from your company logo or event slogan to a one of a kind image which is made of up the smaller images captured by the users/guests.

The mosaic wall can then be shared in various ways, a physical wall with all the individual photos on which people can see up close and take photos of or via a digital mosaic which can be downloaded as a digital copy and shared via social media channels post event or be seen on large screen tv displays where the guests can watch as the photo mosaic wall creates a beautiful mosaic in real time which adds so much fun to your event whilst capturing memorable moments about your event.

Mosaic size

The physical photo mosaic wall is perfect for all type of events, some of the mosaic walls we have done recently include a small mosaic wall, which is perfect for weddings, social events, private events or a internal conference, medium which is great for a virtual event, trade show, brand activation or product launches over 2-3 days or our large mosaic wall which is ideal for a big sporting events or corporate events

Digital Output

Digital Mosaic

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We have worked with some of the largest brands in the world to deliver high impact solutions. From custom-built photo booths to multi-country activations we can deliver the perfect activation. You can trust Boothco to go above and behind to help you organise your perfect photo booth experience.

During the event, we will ensure everything runs smoothly and without a hitch. Interacting with your guests and ensuring everyone has an awesome photo booth experience.

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