Newborn Photos Los Angeles

Your newborn is only a tiny baby once. As soon as he or she is born the growth process begins and your infant starts to grow and change on an almost daily basis. You need to get a photographic record of your baby’s first days of life. The best option is to get professional newborn photos in Los Angeles from Laura Jane Studios. We love to take newborn photos and enjoy being part of your family and your baby’s first weeks of life.

Newborn Photos in Los Angeles

There is no better time to capture the special new family member than during the first week of life. The first week offers the ability to use the baby’s sleepiness and desire to curl into a fetal position to the photographer’s advantage. Your infant will never be this little, this angelic, this magical ever again in his or her entire life. You need to ensure that you will have this moment in a photo to keep forever.

Newborn photos in Los Angeles utilize a sterile studio setting that is completely safe and secure for your new little bundle. At Laura Jane Studios we specialize in children’s photos, particularly in photographing babies and newborn infants. We enjoy being a part of the first few weeks of your baby’s new life. We love finding just the right setting to capture your baby’s sweet beautiful appearance. Never again will your little baby look as innocent or as tiny.

How to Schedule Newborn Photos in Los Angeles

The ideal time to take photos of your baby is during the first week of life. In order to accomplish this you’ll need to plan the photo session in advance. At Laura Jane Studios we keep a flexible schedule to allow for everyone to get photos of their newborn shortly after birth. You should reserve an appointment by providing your due date. Once the baby arrives, contact the studio to arrange for a specific day and time for the photo shoot to occur.

Browse some of our wonderful photos online on our website or Facebook page to get an idea of the types of photos we take. We will take several poses so that you will have some options for choosing the ones that you like the best. Our team ensures the safety of your baby throughout the entire photo shoot and you will be present. If you have some particular ideas for the photos you can discuss those with Laura. We will be happy to accommodate your specific needs.

Our photo shoots are in high demand. We recommend making a reservation as early as possible to ensure that we hold a spot open for your newborn’s photo shoot. We also take photos of older babies and children as well as family portraits. We offer a variety of choices to meet your expectations and provide you with a lifelong memory of your family. Learn more about our high quality professional photography studio and book a reservation online at

Newborn Photos Los Angeles