GIF Photo Booth

GIF, JIF or GIPHY??! However you want to pronounce it, a GIF booth is a great way to capture a fun and memorable moment. Made famous by Instagram and used by millions each day, everyone loves a funny GIF.

Whether you are organising a fashion launch or an experiential event, we provide fully branded bespoke GIF booth hire to enhance your theme and brand. They add that extra bit of pizzazz that everyone expects from events these days. Our GIF booths are far from boring!

GIFs are funny and quick to produce. We make them by taking a series of photos and then stitching them together into a cute animation, ready to share within seconds straight from the booth.

Increase brand exposure! Not only are they branded on the outside but the user interface, templates and micro sites can all be personalised to your requirements. Using bespoke software we brand every aspect of customer experience to make sharing of the GIF so fun and easy.

Our GIF booth is quick and simple to set up. Ideal for trade shows, product launches, office parties, award and presentation nights, team building and experiential events.


Amazing Photos

Nobody wants dark, blurry GIF’s associated with their brand so we make sure our images are clear and crisp by using the latest technology. Our products house high end Canon DSLR cameras for superb image quality. Personalised templates maximise marketing and advertising for any campaign or brand as people love to share them. Add a print option and enjoy the best of both worlds.

Awesome Experience

We love photos, so why just take one? GIFs are a series of funny photos animated together and the results are extremely eye catching as people pose differently for every photo. Our GIF booths look so cool and our bubbly staff will ensure an amazing interactive experience for everyone. Be more interesting than your competitors and create long lasting memories with future customers.

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