Branded Selfie Pod

Branded selfie pod hire for all types of event from award shows to product launches. We work with some of the largest brands in the market to deliver social activation that works for you. From branded front and back to full wraps, our eye catching pods always look awesome!

If you are launching a new product or organising an impressive themed event, we hire out fully branded selfie pods to blend seamlessly with your theme.

The consumers ability to recognise or recall a brand is central to purchasing decision-making so maximise exposure with our fully branded selfie pod. We can brand every aspect of the customers interaction from bespoke template design to software interface and micro sites. They can attract a huge amount of attention and it helps people become more familiar with your brand. Social media sharing is quick and easy!

Our sleek, stylish selfies are extremely quick to set up and are all photo, GIF and video enabled. Perfect for so many occasions, including team building, product launches, office parties, award and presentation nights, and seasonal events.

Amazing Photos

Blurry photos are never going to promote a brand successfully, our selfies produce clear and crisp images as we’ve developed them using the latest technology in the photo booth world. We use high end Canon DSLR cameras for superb image quality and market leading printers that print within 9 seconds. Branded templates boost brand awareness, people love to keep prints, display and share them.

Awesome Experience

Our experienced operating staff and sleek photo pods will ensure a fantastic interactive experience for everybody involved. Choose from glitter, green screen or custom backdrops. Adapt the pod to integrate into any event. Our selfie’s don’t just take photos! Be entertained by GIF’s, video and slo mo to establish brands and create lasting memories with potential customers.

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