Cake Smash Photo Shoot Vancouver

The cake smash may be one of your child’s favorite moments because of the sweet and oozy goodness. The first birthday is the best cut-off for planning a cask smash photoshoot in Vancouver. The best way to put together a cake smash shoot is to hire a photographer who understands the process and cleans up after the shoot.

A professional baby photographer near me will offer a newborn cake smash shoot in the newborn deluxe shoot at one year old. The package has a one-hour shoot, professional editing, and high-resolution files in color and monochrome colors. Here is a little breakdown of a cake smash photoshoot by Charlotte Gamache Photography.

Everything about a cake smash newborn baby photography shoot

Choosing the theme

The shoot’s theme does not mean you should stick to the original idea of the shoot, with minor revisions. A Vancouver baby photographer can help you revise or add to your existing ideas of themes with stunning backdrops, different light settings, or natural background. We may suggest a couple of color combinations consider, such as:

  • Navy and pink
  • Black and gold
  • Grey and blue

The primary color theme of newborn photography in Vancouver BC depends on your preference and the gender of the baby. Again, allow us to elucidate the shoot when possible and o give you a perfect professional shoot.

Choosing the cake

There is an endless choice of cakes you can pick to match the shoot and match your baby’s outfit. The only warning is that brown or chocolate cakes will not look like cake when the baby smashes them. Additionally, cakes with hardtops will be challenging to break, which means the child can lose interest and complicate the entire shoot. We will provide you with the cake and invite you to discuss cake decorations or colors you prefer.


Some babies are allergic to common ingredients like eggs, gluten, or nuts. Most babies will also have a severe reaction to sugar, such as extreme anxiety and over-excitement for a couple of hours. We have a carefully picked recipe to take of the most common reactions. Feel free to get in touch with us about further concerns to make the cake as tolerable and safe as possible.

Indoor or outdoor shoot

Outdoor sessions are undoubtedly more accessible because they are easier to tidy up. They are also more fun and playful and have a beautiful natural backdrop.

Charlotte offers an indoor bathtub cake smash shoot to control everything and keep the baby focused on the cake and lens. An indoor shoot is also better because there are fewer weather distractions, and you have maximum editing possibilities with minimal backgrounds. Vancouver newborn photographers are willing to discuss the locations of our cake smash shoots and how we can work with your situation to give the best possible photos of your preference.

There are several things to keep in mind, so the shoot is an effortless success. Call 604-317-8126 or contact Charlotte online today for more information.


Cake Smash Photo Shoot Vancouver

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