Boudoir Photography

If you’re looking for an intimate gift for your loved one, there is no better choice than a boudoir photo. Boudoir photography from Vivian’s Muse is the ideal way to receive professional photos that fully encapsulate your sex appeal, femininity and power as a woman.

Boudoir is the French term for a woman’s personal sitting room or bedroom. As such, a boudoir photo session allows you to be photographed in provocative poses while in the comfort of an intimate setting. At Vivian’s Muse, we allow you to choose your lingerie and decide exactly the look that you want to convey. What’s more, our skilled photographer, Julia Vie, will assist you throughout the process to help you bring your vision to life.

About Boudoir Photos

Similar to glamour photography, boudoir photography is a personal method to showcase your best features in an intimate setting. Boudoir photos can be as provocative as you desire. With that said, it’s important that you choose the type of look that you’re trying to accomplish before your session to ensure you’re fully prepared. At Vivian’s Muse, we provide expert assistance throughout the process, including the early planning stages to give you inspiration for the tone and style of your photographs and to ensure the best results.There are various types of looks that you can achieve with a boudoir photo shoot, which include (but are not limited to) glamorous, classic, nude, traditional, or even erotic.

Boudoir Photos for Every Age Group and Body Type

Boudoir photos are appropriate for all ages, ethnicities, and body types. In fact, with couples boudoir, they can even be ideal for men.

Because Julia Vie has worked with women from all body types and ethnicities, you never need to feel self conscious or worry that your photos will turn out any less spectacular than our past clients. What’s more, all of our photo shoots are carried out privately, in our discreet Austin, Texas studio, ensuring your comfortability throughout the process. Julia Vie takes every measure necessary to make sure you are as relaxed as possible. After all, our goal is to capture your best self, which can only be accomplished in a worry-free setting

After the Photo Shoot

Once your boudoir photo shoot is complete, you will then schedule a date and time to return to our studio in order to view your photo gallery. During your return visit, Julia Vie will discuss the best photo packages that suit your needs and will take the necessary time to go through your entire gallery to find the photos that fully capture your initial vision.

When you’re ready to have a boudoir photo taken choose the experienced services of a high quality photographer. Vivian’s muse is a top boudoir photography studio located in Austin, Texas. We provide local sessions and are also available for on-site photo shoots when arranged in advance. Contact Vivian’s Muse to get more information and to schedule a photography session today.

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